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Office Building Cleaning Business

Here at InterKleen, the primary objective of our office building cleaning business is to provide complete janitorial cleaning and commercial floor cleaning for every type of professional space. We have over 20 years of experience handling schools, churches, office spaces, local businesses, labs, medical facilities and so much more. InterKleen has built our solid reputation on 100% customer satisfaction and our client’s stay with us for decades.

It will be our pleasure to be your go-to resource for all types of office building cleaning business services in Palm Beach County, and though we have handled hundreds of office complexes, our staff is expertly trained, discreet, reliable no matter your schedule or requirements, and eager to keep your area as clean as we would keep our own. Below you’ll find several different types of facilities we provide regular services for depending on the scope of your need, budget, and requirements.

Office Building Cleaning -

Need office building cleaning? It’s critical that when a visitor of your commercial office building has the perfect “first impression”.  Believe it or not, your tenant’s success relies on it!  Give them the best opportunity to succeed, and be a long time tenant.  From carpet care, floor cleaning, window cleaning, littler clean-up, lobby/common areas, and more, InterKleen has you covered.  We know some of you have a health code standard to meet, and we’ll make sure you pass with flying colors!  Contact us today to learn more.

Medical Facilities Cleaning -

Need hospital cleaning, laboratory cleaning, or medical facilities cleaning? These facilities require exhaustive and careful cleaning services from basic janitorial requirements for common areas to intense sterilization for patient and physician environments. Hospitals, doctors, offices, laboratories, and other medical facilities require reliable cleaning services due to the increased risks associated with exposure to the environmental elements when dealing with sicknesses, blood samples, sterile testing facilities, and other industry-specific conditions.

School Cleaning -

Need school cleaning? We offer a wide selection of janitorial services for schools. Besides custodial janitorial services, which we excel at, we also offer specific school janitorial services which include stadium and event cleanup, window cleaning, pressure washing services, light cleaning and replacement, graffiti removal, carpet cleaning and extraction, grounds cleaning, hard floor surface cleaning and maintenance and more. If you require additional services, regardless how big or small, be sure to reach out to us and have us keep your school clean!

Business Cleaning -

Need business cleaning? In any competitive marketplace first impressions are critical. Partnering with Interkleen ensures that you will always be able to achieve just that. Specializing in businesses large to small there is no office space that InterKleen will not be able to maintain. Our state of the art cleaning techniques will have your business space sparkling and make sure every potential client leaves impressed.

Church Cleaning -

Need church cleaning? InterKleen understands the unique challenges of cleaning churches, synagogues, temples and other places of worship. We understand the special scheduling demands of these facilities and we are flexible to meet your needs.  We are happy to also offer additional cleanings for special events such as weddings. From cleaning the seats and pews, the sanctuary, the children’s areas to more general concerns about the overall facility cleanliness of event rooms and entryways InterKleen’s cleaning services will exceed your expectations.

Condominium Associations -

Need condominium association cleaning? It’s important to keep the common area of your condominium or apartment complex in tip-top shape.  Your tenants expect it, and your county requires it.  Who wouldn’t want to keep everyone happy with an ambiance that’s fresh, clean, and welcoming.  Inter Kleen can take on the responsibility of making that happen on a regular basis, so it’s one less thing for you to worry about.  Whether someone is moving in or moving out, you want them to have a universal experience that is more than satisfactory from the moment they walk in, or leave for the last time.



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