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4 Ways to Keep Your Office Floors Clean

December 2, 2022   

4 Ways to Keep Your Office Floors Clean

Your place of business needs to be clean in order to impress clients and keep employee morale high. There are a number of different flooring options you can choose from, including tiles, carpet, linoleum, and wood. It can be difficult to know which is the best type of flooring for your business, but all of these flooring options can, and will, become dirty and damaged. 

The floors found in your office are subjected to the worst abuse from employees and clients tracking in dust and dirt from the outside world. This can cause them to look old and worn out in a short amount of time. Hardwood floors are especially susceptible to this as they can show wear and tear much faster than other flooring options. 

Hardwood flooring is one of the most common and popular flooring options in offices since it can make your place of work appear more inviting and comfortable. No matter what type of flooring you have in your workplace, you need to make sure they look professional, clean, and inviting. You don’t want a potential customer to see dirty floors and be turned off. InterKleen is here to help show you how to keep your office floors clean. If you need help keeping them clean and spotless, InterKleen offers office cleaning services that will ensure your office is always spotless. 


Regular Sweeping

One of the easiest ways to keep your office floors looking relatively clean is to regularly sweep the floors in your office. While this won’t remove the deeper blemishes, it will at least help remove the larger messes and other particles of dirt and dust. This is also an important first step if you want to do deeper cleanings such as mopping or polishing. Before you do anything else, you should always sweep first to remove any top-layer dirt. 


Vacuuming and Moping

While a simple sweep will remove general filth, it will not remove everything that it should. Once you’ve completed the sweeping, vacuuming your office floors is a good way to remove the rest of the dirt and other messes that the broom misses. Follow this up with mopping and your floors will instantly look much cleaner and professional. 

Make sure that the mop isn’t soaking wet as certain floor materials can absorb the water and end up damaging them. 


Clean Spills Quickly

When something in your office spills, it’s important to clean it up quickly. Make sure employees know this as well and don’t let the spill sit for hours. Spills can quickly result in stains if they aren’t removed quickly. Stains are a bad look for offices since they can be almost impossible to remove. 


Scratches and Fading Color

If your floors have scratches, fading colors, and other serious damages, it might be time to call in the professionals. Damages like this will take more than just a regular cleaning. These types of problems require the use of industrial-grade equipment and top-of-the-line cleaning products. With the help of InterKleen, we can make your office floors look brand new. 


Get Your Office Floors Cleaned Professionally

If you want to cut out the process of daily/weekly office floor cleaning, then you need the professionals at InterKleen. We have been assisting South Florida businesses to keep their offices clean for years now, and we can do the same for you and your business. Visit our contact page today if you’re interested in turning back the clock on your office floors. 


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