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Church Cleaning 

Even though most churches get used for only a couple days out of the week, dirt and germs can easily build up. Especially without the use of a regular and thorough Commercial Cleaning Services. At Interkleen, we ensure that every aspect of the religious facility is pristine. Your Church will look better than ever and ready for the weekly services ahead. Do not risk having your church less than spotless by entrusting your Church Cleaning Services to just anyone. Interkleen has years of experience with commercial cleaning services for many religious buildings.

Business Cleaning Services

When it comes to keeping your business running efficiently, Interkleen delivers the Business Cleaning Services you deserve. From Office Building Cleaning to Floor Waxing Services, our team of expert cleaning professionals provides the attention to detail that produces a noticeably clean office building.     

Warehouse Cleaning Service

At Interkleen, our team of dedicated cleaning professionals ensures your production or manufacturing warehouse exceeds the cleaning standards. No longer worry about your warehouse facility being fined for not meeting the established cleaning standard for each industry. Our Warehouse Cleaning Service is truly committed to providing the highest quality cleaning service available.

School Cleaning Services

Interkleen is widely recognized for the Janitorial Cleaning Services we provide for schools. The School Cleaning Services we provide includes stadium and even cleanup, window cleaning, graffiti removal, carpet cleaning, grounds cleaning, hard floor maintenance, pressure washing services, and light cleaning and replacement. 

Floor Maintenance Service

Laboratory Cleaning Service

At Interkleen, we are proud to provide the most capable cleaning and sanitizing Laboratory Cleaning Service in all of South Florida. Our full-service selection of commercial cleaning services ensures you will be able to perform your job in a clean and safe environment. You can trust the experts at Interkleen for all your lab cleaning needs. 

Bank Cleaning Service

How well you maintain your office is a direct reflection of your financial institution. A sloppy and unorganized office can deter clients from investing in your organization. It is vital for Banks to showcase a clean, organized, and welcoming environment for everyone who walks through the doors. The experts at Interkleen will have your financial institution impeccably clean with our professional Bank Cleaning Service.   

Office Cleaning Service

Whether you run a small business or a large corporation, it is critical your office building has the perfect first impression. Interkleen provides the Office Cleaning Service including carpet care, floor cleaning, window cleaning, litter cleanup, lobby area cleaning, and much more. Supersede every health code standard with the most effective high-quality office cleaning. 

Hospital Cleaning Service

We provide hospital cleaning and medical facility cleaning in all areas of South Florida. Medical facilities require extensive and careful cleaning services. From basic janitorial requirements to intense sterilization for patient and physician environments. Due to the increased risk of dealing with sicknesses, blood, and other industry-specific conditions, a reliable cleaning service is required. Inkleen’s Hospital Cleaning Service provides unrivaled janitorial cleaning services for every medical space.  


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