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Advantages of Waxing Floors

September 2, 2021   

Ever wondered about the miracles of waxing floors? Or why do people recommend doing it? Often, many people will think that by just sweeping and mopping their floor, they’re maintaining and protecting it. While this is a good start, it doesn’t do much in the long run for protecting their floors.

Waxing floors is the best way to guarantee your floors will look brand new and keep their durability.

Waxing is a floor finishing process that can be done with either a clear or colored wax. Once the thin layer of wax has been applied to the floor, it is then buffed and eventually hardens into a beautiful and sturdy seal.

The process should always be done with the correct type of wax depending on the floor material. Our professional waxing team at InterKleen will make sure this is always taken care of. Liquid and solid paste waxes are the two most common types of wax used in the process. Liquid makes application easy and is ideal for cork or timber surfaces. Solid paste wax takes much more time to apply but lasts much longer and provides a much deeper shine than liquid. 

We know about the process and background of waxing floors, but what advantages will it bring? Let’s look at the benefits:


  • Stain Resistance: A wax seal applied to your floors means spills are no longer a threat. If you’ve ever had to deal with a stained floor, you know how challenging it can be to remove it. Wax will make sure this doesn’t happen, but it is best to clean any spills on the wax immediately. 


  • Floop Lifespan: Wax creates a protective layer on your floors, which means the threat of damage and general wear are significantly decreased. Waxed floors have the potential to last many years compared to unwaxed floors.


  • Hide The Imperfections: Those small little scratches and dings can be the most annoying sometimes. Thankfully, wax does an amazing job of covering those up. Wax will fill those minor imperfections and make sure your floors look phenomenal.


  • Looks Professional: Damaged and unkept floors in an office building can leave a bad taste in customer’s mouths. This can’t be helped as these buildings often see lots of foot traffic each day. While general maintenance can help, nothing fixes this problem like waxing floors. Wax is durable and makes sure to give your office an even more professional appearance.


Businesses and homes that want their floors to look as good as the day they got them, it’s time to reach out to the professionals at InterKleen. InterKleen’s floor waxing team will make sure to leave your floors looking brand new. Visit our contact page or call us now at 561-732-1818.


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