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Are Residential and Commercial Cleanings Different?

September 2, 2022   

When you hear the word commercial, you probably think of a more premium tier than residential. A commercial refrigerator can hold more items than a residential refrigerator and a commercial stove can cook faster than a residential stove. This can make you wonder if there are any differences between a commercial cleaning and a residential cleaning service. Cleaning is different from equipment. When it comes to the differences between commercial cleaning and residential cleaning, the words have a stark difference. If you’re in a residential home, you’ll want a residential cleaning.

The Difference Between Residential and Commercial Cleanings

A commercial cleaning service is meant for cleaning large commercial buildings where businesses are usually located. Commercial cleaning can also mean hazardous clean-up and heavy cleaning. That is why some will think commercial cleaning will be better than residential cleaning. The truth is that a commercial cleaning service will not clean more than a residential service, they’ll simply clean different things. Don’t think a commercial cleaning means you’ll receive a deeper cleaning.

Commercial Cleanings

When it comes to cleaning, commercial holds a different meaning. It is simply a deep cleaning of industrial and large commercial buildings. Commercial cleaning will include cleaning machinery, empty spaces, chemicals, and other industrial solvents. Commercial cleaning is catered towards different conditions and clientele. 

Commercial cleanings also focus on special events such as a fire or flood clean-up. Commercial clean-up will include the use of industrial cleaning equipment to deal with more severe clean-up jobs. 

Residential Cleanings

Residential cleaning is meant to clean the interiors of homes, including things such as floors, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Commercial cleanings are meant for offices, large buildings, or retail stores. There are large differences in the way a retail store is cleaned compared to a home. Residential cleaning services will help clean messes that you find in your home and is much more detail oriented and thorough. 

Get Residential and Cleaning Services in South Florida!

Now that you know the differences between the two, now it’s time to get a true cleaning for your residential or commercial property. We can help you make your area look better than ever. Contact us today if you need assistance cleaning your home or office building.


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