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What Areas of Your Business Require The Most Cleaning?

November 17, 2020   

It’s no secret that hygiene and a healthy atmosphere is absolutely needed for a work environment. Your business’s overall success thrives on the performance of your employees. And when their performance is hindered by lack of hygiene and unhealthy factors, then you can expect to generate less revenue. Which is why you hired a cleaning service to tidy up your work environment. You always want to ensure that your business serves as the perfect example of a clean setting for you, your employees, and even your customers.

But even though you think your business is completely safe from pathogens and bacteria, there are still some areas of it that require the most cleaning. And if you’re not sure what they are, then continue reading below. Interkleen possesses more than 2+ decades worth of experience in the cleaning industry and is well-aware of which parts of a work environment require fastidious cleaning.

What Areas of Your Business Require The Most Cleaning


Obviously, bathrooms are one area of your work environment that requires a hefty amount of cleaning. It’s common sense considering that numerous people use it, making it the perfect setting for the growth and development of bacteria. However, what you may not know is that there are certain areas of your bathroom that are not being cleaned properly, even with a professional cleaning service handy.

We are in no way shaming professional cleaning services. Both these services and even the owners of commercial properties/work environments completely overlook these small facets of cleaning a bathroom. They include:

  • The Doorknob
    • Because the bathroom is a commonly used room in your work environment, multiple building occupants will touch the doorknob.
  • The Faucet
    • The faucet is one of the most overlooked parts of a bathroom when it comes to cleaning. Because they’re so often overlooked, bacteria can reside on it for too long. And when you go to wash your hands, it can transfer to your skin.
  • The Paper Towel Dispenser
    • Much like the doorknob, multiple people will touch the paper towel dispenser to dry their hands. If your bathroom’s paper towel dispense has an automatic feature, this may not be necessary to clean. However, if occupants must push a button or reach into the dispenser to grab a paper towel, then it’s worth considering to get it wiped down.

When you hire a professional cleaning service, make sure you point out these areas for them to clean.

Kitchen Counter

If your work environment has a break room with a kitchen, then it may get regularly cleaned by a cleaning service. But just like the bathroom, there are a few areas of it that require the most attention. Most notably, the kitchen counter.

Lunch items are often prepared on kitchen counters in a business. And because of this, multiple hands can end up touching the counter. As a result, due to the fact that your hands can carry bacteria, building occupants are spreading bacteria and possibly pathogens in your kitchen.

So when your cleaning service comes in, ensure that you point out to them about your kitchen counter. They will happily comply and ensure that your kitchen counter is thoroughly wiped down.

Office Desks

Now, this is probably one area of your business you didn’t think needs proper cleaning. It seems absurd to think that your own workspace requires professional cleaning, considering that you’re really the only person who resides at it. But consider this: how often is your desk cleaned?

Your hands touch numerous items nearly every day, meaning that they likely pick up bacteria from various facets of your property. And then when you sit down at your desk, all that bacteria is spreading in your workspace. For this reason, when a professional cleaning service — such as Interkleen — comes to service your business, indicate that your office desks require cleaning like the aforementioned areas of your work environment

You Can Trust Interkleen to Clean These Areas of Your Business Thoroughly

If your business happens to be in Palm Beach County of South Florida, then you can best believe that your work environment will be cleaned and completely safe for occupants. We here at Interkleen completely recognize how important hygiene is for a business setting. For this reason, you can best believe that we’ll help your business maintain its healthy atmosphere through our regularly scheduled cleaning services. For any inquiries, you may call us at (561) 732-1818 or visit our contact page.


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