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Benefits of a Cleaning Service for your Business

April 11, 2018   

The advantages of hiring a commercial cleaning service for your Boca Raton business go beyond dust-free shelves and empty trash cans. Hiring a commercial cleaning service can actually increase employee performance and boost your company image. In fact, there are a lot of benefits that come with professional cleaning for a business. Whether your company is a simple office building or a retail space, consider what a cleaning company could do for you.

Maintain A Healthy Work Environment

Have you ever experienced a mini cold epidemic at your office? One person becomes ill and next thing you know half of the office is out sick. Germs can easily spread in an office, causing illness to spread from employee to employee. Getting your office properly cleaned on a regular basis will minimize the spread of any illnesses, reducing sick days and increasing company productivity. Interkleen uses antibacterial cleaners to keep your employees and visitors happy and healthy.

Increase Company Morale

Our moms always told us to make our bed in the morning because it is an important way to start the day. Something about a kept bed makes us more productive and confident throughout the day. It is a similar effect when it comes to keeping a clean office. When you work in a clean space, you feel more confident in yourself and what you are doing. A clean office is a place you want to show off to clients and you want to come work in every day. However, it is not an accountant or marketing manager’s job to clean the whole office. That is why as a manager or owner of a business, you should hire a hard-working commercial cleaning service to get the job done.

Boost Your Company Image

A clean and sparkling workplace does not just boost employee morale, it also boosts customer confidence. When a client or potential customer walks into an office building where they are looking to do business, they are more likely to have confidence in a company that is clean and organized. A messy, dirty workspace could decrease your client’s confidence in a company’s ability to stay organized and prioritize. Your clients will judge your company on every detail from the moment they walk in. Make a phenomenal lasting impression by hiring a cleaning service to keep your office spic and span from floor to ceiling.

Save on Long-Term Maintenance

Regularly cleaning an office building can lead to serious maintenance and repair savings on both the interior and exterior of the building. Some cleaning companies only conduct basic cleanings such as vacuuming and cleaning toilets. Interkleen is a quality commercial cleaning company that offers services that truly extends the life of your floors, furniture, and walls. For example, we offer floor cleaning and waxing services that could extend the life of the flooring by years and save thousands of dollars associated with new flooring costs.

Special Office Events

Office holiday parties or other events hosted at your Boca Raton office can create quite a mess. There is no need to worry about clean up when you have an awesome commercial cleaning company on your side. From emptying overflowing trash cans to mopping up spills and wiping tables, our amazing crews have you covered. By the time we are doing cleaning up, it will look like the event never even happened!

Services Offered By InterKleen:

  • Business cleaning
  • Janitorial and custodial services
  • Carpet shampooing and extraction
  • Cleaning supplies, paper products, & can liners
  • Pressure cleaning
  • Special cleaning considerations upon request

Keeping your office clean is a matter of health, moral, image, and budget. When you hire InterKleen for your commercial cleaning needs, you can expect improvements in all of these aspects. From daily or weekly office cleaning to occasional floor waxing, we will keep your office in tip-top shape. There is no doubt you will be bragging about the benefits of our Boca Raton commercial cleaning services. Call now to get a quote for all your commercial cleaning needs from InterKleen. (561)732-1818


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