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Floor Cleaning Services in Boynton Beach

A city filled with over 77,000 residents, it’s guaranteed that Boynton Beach will be in need of Interkleen’s floor cleaning services. Your hotel, hospital, school, restaurant, or even the infamous Boynton Beach Mall will need regular maintenance once in a while. No matter the venue, Interkleen has you covered and can promise a clean, hygienic, and well-maintained facility.

#1 Floor Cleaning Service in Boynton Beach

Interkleen has been regarded as the most trusted cleaning company in South Florida, which is exactly why you should hire our floor cleaning services. For over two decades, we’ve provided service to the city of Boynton Beach. Since 1996, our insured, bonded, and licensed staff has provided excellent floor cleaning service. Our works have included maintenance on churches, schools, laboratories, and much more. No matter the damage or how dirty it can get, we can have your floor looking brand new.

Floor Polishing

Your floor’s shine and smoothness are only kept through maintenance and to extend its life, it must be polished regularly. A polished floor is one that avoids damage in between stages of care. Our polishers’ high-speed burnishing completes your floor with a glossy finish while the buffing maintains its consistency and strength.

Floor Stripping

it’s, unfortunately, a step that many “professionals” get wrong and it’ll cost you expensive repairs if its never done properly. Floor stripping is a very labor-intensive job and requires total attention to detail, a trait that all of our Interkleen staff possesses. It’s usually done incorrectly because those who are doing it do not have a keen eye. They’ll cut corners and/or take off too many layers. Rest assured, Interkleen’s staff do no such things and can guarantee your floor will be kept in top shape during stripping.

Floor Waxing

High traffic areas such as hallways and office zones are always prone to near-daily wear and tear. They can accumulate dirt/debris and get scratched. Eventually, they’ll appear dull and lifeless. With Interkleen, your floors will be waxed whenever it’s needed so that they can appear clean and professional. Once we wax your floors Interkleen staff will create many layers of wax. This will help to restore the appeal, coating, and gloss of your floor.

Interkleen’s other services include:

  • Ceramic Tile Floor Care
  • Grout Cleaning
  • Scrubbing and Surface Cleaning


The Benefits of Floor Cleaning Services in Boynton Beach

Once you hire us to give you the most quality and high-end commercial floor cleaning services in Boynton Beach, you’ll be granted some benefits due to our expertise and professional handiwork. You can significantly improve your property’s overall interior environment when you utilize our Boynton Beach floor cleaning services. And after we’re done, your place of business will turn into the ideal environment for both you and your property’s occupants. And to gain a better understanding of the benefits that follow our services, we’ve listed just a few of the many below:

  • Health Benefits
    • When you give your property’s interior environment the regular maintenance it deserves, it becomes much more accommodable for the well-being of your building’s occupants. And such maintenance will need to be performed for any occasion in which your floor needs to get cleaned. With Interkleen’s commercial floor cleaning services in Boynton Beach, your high traffic floors can get effective floor cleaning despite the number of times people will step on them. When your occupants step on your floors every day, they kick up more and more dirt, making bacteria airborne and infecting their lungs. But when you have your floors regularly maintained, you will never have to fret about you and other occupants getting sick.
  • More Presentable
    • As a host of your home, you want to ensure that your guests walk into a clean, welcoming, and presentable environment. And in a similar fashion, you also want the same thing done for your commercial property’s interior for the same reason. It’s imperative that you get quality floor cleaning for your Boynton Beach property as soon as possible. And when you give it the regular cleaning it needs, you’re able to keep your interior appealing for visitors, consumers, and even your own employees. You’ll definitely want to get regular floor cleaning for the latter group of people. If your workplace is messy, unpresentable, or just overall unhygienic, then your employees won’t feel happy about coming to work. Plus, they might not feel inclined to work for a company that doesn’t care too much about its own image.
  • Improves Your Floor’s Durability
    • Making your floors stronger and more durable is probably the most imperative reason as to why you should get regular Boynton Beach floor cleaning. Because floors are typically high traffic areas, they’re susceptible to all types of damage on a near-daily basis. And if they’re not given the proper care they need when it’s needed, then they can accumulate dirt which can eventually damage your floors. And as this dirt accumulates and the damages occur, you’ll need to pay for expensive repairs and restoration. But with the professional help that’s provided by InterKleen’s floor cleaning service, your floors won’t only be swept and mopped, they’ll also get stripped and waxed when needed. Such work will guarantee that your floors will live for a very long time.


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Contact the professionals of Interkleen today and get your floors cleaned properly. Your floors should always keep a professional appearance for patrons of your facility and Interkleen understands this the most. For a free estimate, call us at (561) 732-1818 or visit our contact page.


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