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Janitorial Services Palm Beach

If you manage or supervise a property that requires cleaning and maintenance, then don’t hesitate for another minute. Grab the phone now and call the experts at Interkleen today. Interkleen’s fine staff of Palm Beach janitors are much more than capable of fulfilling all of your janitorial service needs. We can promise that regardless of the size of your mess or your property, we can properly maintain and clean it.

To learn more about what our janitorial services in Palm Beach encompasses, continue reading below.

Palm Beach Janitors

Interkleen has provided its quality services to Palm Beach County for numerous years, and Palm Beach is no stranger to us. Our Palm Beach janitors are experts and have provided their service to numerous areas within the city. We are equipped with the greatest technology in cleaning to make sure you’re provided an array of great service including:

    • Waste removal
    • Carpet care
    • Hard-surface floor cleaning and maintenance
    • Reception area/lobby cleaning
    • Kitchen/restroom cleaning
    • Office system cleaning
    • Dusting and window washing
    • Daytime cleaning

Places We Can Service You

Because of our many years of experience, we’ve been able to give quality service to a vast assortment of property types. We can provide you our janitorial services in Palm Beach in numerous places including:

  • Office Settings
  • Business Facilities
  • Medical Facilities
  • Schools
  • Churchs or other religious venues
  • Condominiums

If you need service in an area that wasn’t listed above, contact us here. We can still provide you our professional janitorial services.

Why Choose Interkleen’s Janitorial Services in Palm Beach

We are recognized for providing the best janitorial services in Palm Beach County. Interkleen has been family-owned and operated since 1996 and carries an excellent track record of providing amazing and professional work. When you decide to hire Interkleen’s janitors in Palm Beach for their service, you’re joining a list of satisfied customers. Our purpose is to only provide world-class service to all our clients.

Benefits of Our Janitorial Services in Palm Beach

Our work, in return, allows a cleaner workspace contributing to employee productivity. Our staff uses the highest grade of equipment and cleaning products to guarantee a meticulous cleaning service. When you hire our service, you’ll be getting:

  • Detailed cleaning plans

    • If you supervise and/or manage a property that has certain areas requiring special attention, don’t hesitate at all to reach out and contact us. If these certain areas easily succumb to bacteria and dirt, there’s no need to keep fretting over  such an issue. When you decide to hire Interkleen for our janitorial services in Palm Beach, we’ll work closely with you to design a detailed cleaning plan that will appease your needs. These cleaning plans will keep your property cleaned to the fullest extent.
  • Best-of-class cleaning products and equipment

    • Interkleen’s team of Palm Beach janitors aren’t only well-versed and experienced in professional and high-end cleaning. They’re also equipped with the most advanced cleaning products and equipment around. Because of this, you can be at ease knowing that our janitorial services in Palm Beach will be able to benefit you significantly. You won’t have to keep worrying over your property not being cleaned and maintained entirely. And this is all thanks to our expertise and knowledge paired with our tremendous equipment that will guarantee that it is cleaned entirely.
  • Highest level of safety and security

    • You can best believe that our Palm Beach janitors are versed and trained in the handling and cleaning of properties. And this is all because they’re highly-experienced. They’ll safely make sure your property is maintained with no issues at all. They’ll also make sure that nothing will go out of place. They provide their exceptional and quality cleaning services. Generally, you can be at ease as Interkleen’s Palm Beach janitors will help to keep your property clean, safe, and intact.
  • Cleaning scheduling options that fit your needs

    • Interkleen’s staff does about everything it possibly can to make sure that our janitorial services in Palm Beach are as fluid as possible. Because of this, our janitorial services in Palm Beach will ensure that you’re given a cleaning service that meets your needs. If you prefer that our Palm Beach janitors to come to your property after business hours, we can accommodate. You can also request for them to come during a discreet hour of the workday as well. We can guarantee you that our Palm Beach janitors will be there to provide you their quality services at just about any time that best fits your schedule.

Contact us for Janitorial Services in Palm Beach Today

If you live in Palm Beach and are in need of quality janitorial services, hire one or more of our janitors to help perform maintenance at your facility or venue. We’ve provided our quality janitorial services in Palm Beach for many years, guaranteeing the satisfaction of numerous properties. When you call to hire us, we can guarantee a perfect-looking setting through our impeccable services. In fact, we feel more than certain that after hiring us, you’ll forever be added to our growing list of satisfied customers. For any inquiries, call us at (561) 732-1818 or visit our contact page.



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