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Floor Cleaning in West Palm Beach

As one of the three largest cities in the South Florida region, West Palm Beach possesses massive business facilities.  Because of the many patrons that utilize them, these facilities are prone to daily wear-and-tear. Their floors, namely, probably receive the worst of it. Many people walk over them causing them to be afflicted with near-constant unhygienic factors. You’ll need a maintenance service to clean these floors but you don’t just want to hire anyone. Whatever sort of facility it may be – hospital, apartment, or workplace – you want the right professional to care for your building. And that’s where Interkleen comes into play. We can guarantee that our expert service will have your building’s floors look brand new.

#1 Floor Cleaning Service in West Palm Beach

There are numerous reasons why you should hire Interkleen for your floor cleaning needs. The number one reason, however, is that we’re one of the most experienced cleaning companies to exist in South Florida. We’ve provided commercial floor cleaning, stripping, polishing, and waxing to West Palm Beach since 1996. Plus, our staff isn’t just experienced but also fully licensed, insured, and bonded for your protection. We’ve done countless work for churches, hospitals, industrial areas, commercial zones, schools, and laboratories. No matter the level of need or wear, whether it be a residential or commercial area, we will ensure that your business space maintains a professional appearance.

Floor Polishing

Floors will require maintenance for them to keep their smooth and sheen appearance in between stripping and waxing. When you hire Interkleen, we extend the life of your flooring materials by protecting against wear and tear. Our polishers will keep your floors from being permanently damaged in between the stages of weekly or bi-weekly care. Floor polishers function with the use of high-speed burnishing that maintains a strong floor and consistency. There is also the added bonus of floor buffing which adds a beautiful glossy finish.

Floor Stripping

This is a crucial part of a floor caring process and, unfortunately, one that many other “professional” services mess up. Floor stripping requires a keen eye and meticulous work for it to be performed properly. Some mistakes other services will making are cutting corners, taking off too many layers, or damaging the floors.

The reason why many services mess up this process is that it is the most labor-intensive and time-consuming job in the cleaning industry. A true professional will keep a close eye on the floor as stripping requires the complete removal of old layers of floor wax, dirt, and small debris found on the surface.

Floor Waxing 

High traffic areas such as hallways, office spaces, and commercial floor areas are prone to near-daily wear and tear. They can accumulate dirt, get scratches, and over time the floor will appear dull and lifeless. Which is why you will want a professional service to wax your floors when it’s needed. Floor waxing is a crucial step in keeping your floors clean, glossy, and most importantly, professional and presentable. 

After the process of stripping, our professional staff will apply sealants and recoat the areas with wax in many layers. This will restore the coating, glossy appearance, and aesthetic appeal of your floor.

Other than polishing, stripping, and waxing we also provide services in:

  • Grout Cleaning
  • Scrubbing and Surface Cleaning
  • Ceramic Tile Floor Care


The Benefits of Floor Cleaning Services in West Palm Beach

As soon as you hire Interkleen to give you their high-end, quality floor cleaning service in West Palm Beach, you’ll be given quite a bit of benefits thanks to their professionalism and expertise. Our floor cleaning services can significantly improve your property’s interior environment. And after we’re done, we’ll be able to make it a better environment for both you and your property’s occupants. Just so you gain an understanding of what follows with our services, we’ve listed just a few of many benefits below:

  • Health Benefits
    • When you give your interior environment the regular maintenance it deserves, it can be made more accommodative for the health of your building’s occupants. And such maintenance will always be needed most for any occasion your floor needs to be cleaned. Our commercial floor cleaning service in West Palm beach is needed because floors are high-traffic areas where many people will step on them. More so, they also collect a lot of dirt and harmful bacteria that can become airborne when your property’s occupants kick them up with their shoes. But when you have your floors regularly maintained, you will never have to fret about you and other occupants getting sick.
  • More Presentable
    • When guests come over to your house, you’ll always want to ensure that your interior looks welcoming and presentable. In a similar way, you also will want to ensure that you commercial property’s interior looks the same way for the same reason. It’s absolutely crucial that you get quality floor cleaning in West Palm Beach in order to keep your business environment appealing. When you get regular cleaning done, you’re able to keep your interiors appealing for both visitors/consumers and your employees. This latter aspect is important because you want your employees to come to their job proud to be working under your company. If their workplace is a mess and unhygienic, they won’t feel inclined to work their best.
  • Improves Your Floor’s Durability
    • Perhaps the most crucial reason why you will need to get West Palm Beach floor cleaning performed is that you’ll have your floors strengthened with improved durability. Due to floors being high traffic areas, they’re usually vulnerable to all sorts of damage on a near-daily basis. And if they’re not given the proper care they need on a frequent basis, then they can accumulate dirt which can eventually damage your floors. And as this dirt accumulates and the damages occur, you’ll need to pay for expensive repairs and restoration. But with the professional help that’s provided by InterKleen’s floor cleaning service, your floors won’t only be swept and mopped, they’ll also get stripped and waxed when needed. Such work will guarantee that your floors will live for a very long time.

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Interkleen can guarantee you a clean and presentable floor for you and other patrons to appreciate. Other than floor cleaning, we also offer other janitorial services in the South Florida region. If interested, give us a call at (561) 732-1818 or visit our contact page.

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