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Choosing a Commercial Floor Cleaning Service

March 26, 2018   

Hiring a floor cleaning service is a critical aspect of maintaining your commercial flooring investment. The goal is to keep the floors looking great as long as possible without compromising the health of the visitors and employees in the building. Choosing a commercial cleaning service to clean, and polish your floors is no joke. With the proper skills and equipment, the right company can extend the life of your floors by years. Here are some factors to consider when hiring a commercial floor cleaning company.

The Type of Flooring

Choose a floor cleaning company that has experience working with the type of flooring installed in your building. Just like you wouldn’t want to hire a carpet cleaning company to wash your laminate floors, you also would not want a company specializing in laminate floors to clean your hardwood floors. Generally, it is safe to hire a company that specializes in all types of hard floors, but it never hurts to double check by asking about your specific type of flooring. Certain chemicals and treatments are harmful to specific types of flooring, so it is best to be upfront with the cleaner about the exact material your floors are made of.

Tools and Techniques

The use of proper cleaning tools and techniques is another aspect of floor treatment that could greatly affect the final outcome. Ask your commercial cleaning service which tools and techniques they plan on using to clean your floors. As far as techniques, the company should understand the difference between cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing. Although mopping is good to clean the floors, it only removes dirt and some germs. Disinfecting will kill and eliminate any infectious pathogens or other harmful substances. This is particularly important for the medical industry and requires the right cleaning solutions. Although stronger chemicals are required to sanitize flooring, you still want the chemicals to be mild enough that they do not cause harm to employees or customers/patients.

Floor Cleaning Services Offered

Regular floor cleaning such as mopping is just one aspect of proper floor maintenance. Ask your cleaning service what floor treatment services they offer. Floor waxing or polishing, as well as floor stripping, is recommended on a regular basis for a variety of types of floors. It is easier when you have one company that can handle all of your floor maintenance needs.

Company and Employee Credentials

First and foremost, make sure any company you work with is fully licensed and insured. Allowing a company to work on your property without these credentials could be a liability issue. Any credible company should gladly provide you with copies of their insurance coverage as well as license. Additionally, ask about training and certification. Obtaining a trained and experienced professional is generally the main reason we hire specialized companies to complete these jobs, so make sure that is what you are getting!

References and Reviews

Look online for reviews by customers who have worked with the company previously. These reviews will give you insight into the customer service experience and quality of work you can expect to receive. It is also a reliable way to find out about any red flags. If there are no reviews online, simply ask the company to provide a few references.

Service Pricing

Everyone wants a bargain, however, be wary of deals that seem too good to be true. If one company offers a price significantly lower than the others, there is likely a reason. There may be hidden fees in the small print, or they may be struggling to find business. Additionally, the highest price isn’t always going to be the best service. To get the best value, we recommend weighing the price quoted with the rest of the factors mentioned in this article.

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When looking to hire a new commercial floor cleaning service, take the time to find a company that meets all of your floor cleaning needs. A good floor cleaning company should have reasonable prices, reliable references, proper licenses and insurance, appropriate tools and techniques, as well as the knowledge and know-how. InterKleen is a trustworthy, experienced, and qualified company that offers their services at a reasonable price. We trust that you will have a positive experience working with this company for all of your floor cleaning and treatment needs.

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