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Condominium Maintenance: What To Do When a Cleaning Service Isn’t There

March 6, 2020   

As an owner of a condominium complex, you probably don’t need to be told why you need your property to be kept clean. By keeping its appearance maintained, you’re not only increasing property value but also inviting potential tenants to start renting out your rooms. A lot of hard work can go into cleaning the complex and so the best solution is to hire a professional cleaning service, such as the expert team at Interkleen of South Florida. But hiring a cleaning service itself won’t simply solve your maintenance problems. You’ll need to supply them with specifications of what work needs to be done. And those specs can change depending on what happens in between sessions of cleaning. Continue reading below to see what you can do to further improve maintenance while Interkleen isn’t there.

Preventative Maintenance

To avoid expensive repairs, make sure to perform regular preventative maintenance and inspect every part of your property when possible. If an immediate cleaning is needed while Interkleen isn’t there, attempt to tidy up any mess as much as is needed and contact us right away.

On another note, by performing inspections during preventative maintenance, you’ll be able to recognize any failures in your building’s functions and can avoid fines due to violations of state and local codes.


What probably receives the most wear-and-tear of your building is the carpeting. It receives a daily pampering of dirt and other bacteria since it’s always in contact with residents and other patron’s shoes. Look over your carpets often and see how dirty they get. Interkleen can be there when you need them but by knowing how frequently your carpeting should get cleaned, you can schedule us for regular visits if you need it.

Pest Control

Whenever you have shelter, it can also serve as a shelter for unwelcome guests. During inspections, look to see where potential pests can reside. If severe, you’ll obviously need the service of an exterminator. But once cleared, make sure to point out to Interkleen staff specific spots where pest problems have occurred. We’ll ensure that it receives proper cleaning and further prevent it from being a haven for insects and other critters.

Emergency Preparedness

It’s something you’ll never hope to deal with. But unfortunately, it can happen. An emergency will take place on your property and you’ll have to be prepared to take care of it. If a sudden mess that poses as a threat occurs, you’ll want to contact our team to help you. But if after business hours disallows us from coming immediately, be ready to clean the mess up if possible and necessary.

Need Your Condominium Property Cleaned? Hire Interkleen Today

Of course, make the appropriate adjustments necessary to your cleaning service’s visits every time you do preventative maintenance. If you want a professional service who will adjust to your needs, then look no further than to Interkleen. We’re recognized as one of the top cleaning companies to exist in the South Florida area. If interested, call us at (561) 732-1818 or visit our contact page.


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