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Floor Cleaning Services in Delray Beach

Delray Beach’s vibrant community offers many specialty shops, art galleries, and fine restaurants for many patrons to enjoy. At one point it was voted the Most Fun Small Town in America by USA Today. Because the city is situated alongside the Atlantic Ocean, Delray Beach possesses a beauty standard that must be upheld at all times. Thanks to the years of service that Interkleen provides, we’ve been doing our part in making sure Delray Beach stays true to that standard. If you live in Delray Beach and are in need of a floor cleaning service for your facility, you can count on Interkleen to make your floor look brand new.

As the owner of a commercial property or business in Delray Beach, you need to make sure your floors are looking perfect. Delray Beach floor cleaning services can make your commercial space look new, clean, and professional. The first impression is important for any business to make. The first thing new customers will see when they walk into your business is the floors. You don’t want these floors to be visually unappealing and/or unpleasant to walk on. InterKleen can help make sure that never happens. We have years of experience in janitorial services and we know we can make your commercial floors shine more than ever before. Your search for “Delray Beach cleaning services” ends here.

At InterKleen, we understand why you need our services. You want your floors to shine brighter and look cleaner than ever before. Your clients will be shocked by the floors they walk on. InterKleen will make that happen with environmentally friendly cleaning solutions and industrial-level cleaning equipment. We want to show you real floor cleaning results and create a long-lasting relationship.

#1 Floor Cleaning Service in Delray Beach

Out of the countless reasons why you should hire Interkleen for floor cleaning the main one is that we’re regarded as one of the best cleaning companies to exist in the Palm Beach County area. Since 1996, we’ve offered our floor cleaning services to the city of Delray Beach. Other than being highly experienced, our staff is also fully licensed, insured, and bonded for your protection. We’ve done work for many facilities, including schools, laboratories, residential areas, and much more. No matter the wear and tear your floor receives, we can have it maintain its professional appearance.

Floor Polishing

A floor’s smooth and sheen appearance is maintained through regular cleaning treatments. Interkleen can extend your floor’s longevity by protecting it against wear and tear through polishing. The process keeps floors from being permanently damaged in between weekly and bi-weekly stages of care. Our polishers’ high-speed burnishing and floor buffing add a glossy finish to your floor while maintaining its strength and consistency.

Floor Stripping

Most “professionals” mess up this important step during the floor caring process because they take off too many layers, cut corners, damage your floors, and, overall, lack a keen eye. The reason most do this process incorrectly is that floor stripping is the most labor-intensive and time-consuming job in the cleaning industry. Removal of old layers of dirt, wax, and small debris requires a professional attentive eye. A key trait that all of Interkleen’s staff possesses.

Floor Waxing 

Because hallways, office spaces, and commercial floor zones are high-traffic areas, they are prone to near-daily wear and tear. They can accumulate dirt, get scratched, and appear dull and lifeless. Interkleen’s professional floor cleaning service can wax your floors when it’s needed. The process of waxing can keep your floors looking presentable, clean, glossy, and professional-looking.

Once our staff finishes stripping, they will apply sealants and recoat your floor with many layers of wax, thus restoring the aesthetic appeal, gloss, and coating of your floor.

Other of Interkleen’s services also include:

  • Scrubbing and Surface Cleaning
  • Ceramic Tile Floor Care
  • Grout Cleaning

The Benefits of Having Your Floors Cleaned

When you hire Interkleen to come by and clean your floors, you’ll be given many benefits thanks to their services. Interkleen’s floor cleaning services can significantly improve your property’s interior environment, making it a better place for both you and your building’s occupants. Below are just a few advantages you gain from our expert and professional work.

  • Health Benefits
    • In order to make sure that your interior environment can accommodate for the well-being of your property’s occupants, you need to give it the maintenance it needs on a regular basis. And this principle most definitely applies to your floors. This is because floors are typically high-traffic areas, where multiple people will step on them and bring in outside, harmful bacteria. Moreover, the daily trudging and stepping on your floors will also kick up some of that bacteria into the air, making them airborne. But by having your floors regularly cleaned, you won’t have to fret about you and other occupants getting ill.
  • More Presentable
    • If you’re a homeowner, then you always want to ensure that it looks clean and presentable to visitors. Similarly, if you own or manage a business, then you also want to ensure that your interior environment is also clean for the very same reason. Having your floors maintained and cleaned is critical in keeping your business environment appealing. Keeping it clean ensures that your business appears more welcoming to potential customers/clients. Additionally, it’s also important you keep your property maintained for your employees as well. You want your employees to come to their job happy and proud to be working for your company. If their workplace is a mess and unhygienic, they won’t feel inclined to work their best.
  • Improves Your Floor’s Durability
    •  What is perhaps the most prominent reason for having your floors regularly cleaned is that you gain the benefit of improved durability. Because floors are usually high-traffic areas, your floors are susceptible to all sorts of damage on a near-daily basis. And if they’re not maintained frequently, then the dirt they accumulate can result in severe damage. And as a result, you’ll need to pay for expensive repairs and restoration. But with the help of Interkleen’s floor cleaning services, you won’t only have your floors swept and mopped, but they’ll also get the stripping and waxing they’ll need on occasion. Such work will guarantee that your floors will live for a very long time.

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When you need your floors cleaned, hire the professional service of Interkleen today. We can have your floors look professionally presentable and appealing for you and other patrons to appreciate. We also provide other services involving janitorial work. Give us a call at (561) 732-1818 or visit our contact page.

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