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Use Janitorial Services to Maintain A Professional Appearance

December 2, 2019   

Hiring a commercial cleaning company for your South Florida Business is only one of many things you can do to make sure that your workspace is always presented correctly to customers or guest. First Impressions play a huge role in the presentation of your company, closing on major deals, and so much more. It is important to maintain your office space at all times even after your commercial cleaning company leaves your south Florida office.

Here are some ideas on how to create and maintain a professional and friendly atmosphere:

  1. The reception area is one of the best places that can tell a lot about your company. Have a special wall in the reception area that tells the history of your company or includes previous projects that you have worked on, your biggest projects and accomplishments.

  2.  Administration areas in the office should have comfortable furniture comfortable and positive colors and lighting. Some cost alternatives to this might include looking for furniture and wall art at discounted prices on the internet and other avenues that you can take.

  3.  Marketing and Sales office area will also be one of the main area’s guest might see. We recommend framing thank-you-letters from your customers or clients that were satisfied with your services.

  4.  If you have pictures and prints on your wall that is visible to your guest or customers, make sure they are not damaged, offensive, and etc.

  5.  Hopefully, your workers understand that they shouldn’t put different unnecessary pictures and information on the walls or their desks. If not, encourage them not to post these items on their workspace. Always, make sure that you are not against allowing your employee to showcase their personalities throughout their workspace.


At Interkleen, we treat your office or facility with the respect and care it deserves. Our dedicated cleaning professionals provide the most in-depth commercial cleaning services in all of South Florida. When you are ready to benefit from a truly professional cleaning service, Contact Interkleen, at (561) 732-1818.



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