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Mistakes Businesses Make When Hiring A Commercial Cleaning Company – Part 1

January 8, 2020   

Business owners are often – you guessed it – busy. Managing the daily on-goings of a business can be stressful, challenging, and time-consuming. Regardless of how busy owners may be, there are certain aspects of the workplace that must always be kept in mind. One of these particular aspects that should not be forgotten is the cleanliness of the office, shop, or warehouse. But what business owner has the time to perform a deep clean to the office multiple times per month? That’s where a commercial cleaning company like InterKleen comes into the picture.

But, with so many cleaning companies clamoring for your business, it can hard to find a service that fits your budgets and cleaning needs. This makes the process of finding a commercial cleaning company a nightmare for business owners. In turn, mistakes are often made when hiring a cleaning company. In this 2-part post from the InterKleen blog, we’ll go over some of the common mistakes made by business owners when hiring a commercial cleaning company – and how these mistakes can be avoided.

Too Much Attention Paid To Cost

Finding a cleaning company that will work within your budget is one thing, but attempting to find a high-quality cleaning service on the cheap is a great way to waste your hard-earned money. In many cases, business owners sacrifice a quality job for a smaller price tag. There are a number of fly-by-night cleaning companies that are willing to drop their prices considerably in order to get the job. This is a clear red flag of an incompetent cleaning business. When shopping for a commercial cleaning company, find a business that is trusted, and has years of experience. Receive multiple quotes from various companies and compare and contrast the services they offer. This is a surefire way to finding a commercial cleaning company that works within your budget and meets the needs of your business.

Hiring A Cleaning Company That Doesn’t Have Liability Insurance Coverage

This is a pretty big aspect of how business owners get seriously ripped off by cleaning companies. If you employ the services of a commercial cleaning service, and one of the cleaning crew is injured in your property, you’ll be responsible for any medical costs that may accrue. Furthermore, an uninsured cleaning company will certainly not pay for any damaged or broken items that may have been a result of their services. To ensure that none of these things happen to you and your business, ask potential service providers to provide you with their insurance information from the get-go.

Failure To Read Contracts

It goes without saying that any contract you sign on behalf of your property and business should be thoroughly read and understood before your pen meets the paper. Unfortunately, many business owners fail to completely read the contract provided to them by the commercial cleaning business. Their thought process going in? “It’s a cleaning service – what could I possibly have to read about this contract?” Many business owners are surprised to learn that often,  the service they’re looking for is not offered in the contract – or that the commercial cleaning business is not responsible for any damages. Before signing any contract, we urge you to ensure that the contract is read, understood, and meets your needs.

Interkleen Is The Top Commercial Cleaning Business In Palm Beach County And Beyond

For over 20 years, InterKleen Janitorial Services has been offering second-to-none commercial cleaning services in Palm Beach County and the surrounding areas. For more mistakes regarding hiring a commercial cleaning company, stay tuned to the InterKleen blog. To learn more about our services or request a quote, give us a call at (561) 732-1818 or contact us online to learn more.


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