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March 22, 2021   

In our last blog post, we spoke about what mistakes to avoid when hiring a commercial cleaning company. Choosing the right company in regard to their cost and experience were just a few things that were mentioned. In this blog, we’ll discuss further aspects of a cleaning company that you should ignore. Namely, the cleaning company’s specialization and their surety bonding.

Ignoring The Cleaning Company’s Specialization

Most cleaning services have a specialty in one area for a single niche but may not have one in another area. Many cleaning companies could specialize in cleaning for hotels and other similar resorts but may lack experience in restaurant cleaning, as an example. If you are working for or are the head of an office suite, make sure that the cleaning company you are hiring specializes in office cleaning. You wouldn’t want a cleaning service that ignores a certain area. If your business encompasses more than one area, make sure you hire a cleaning service that’s versatile. InterKleen has experience across a wide spectrum of specializations that we offer.

Hiring a Cleaning Service That Doesn’t Have Surety Bonding

There are minor and major inconveniences in this area of the process of hiring a cleaning company. In order to protect the property of your business, it’s imperative that you hire a service that carries a surety bonding. Even if the cleaning crew may not touch any of your items, it’s best to be protected. Also, notify them of certain products that cannot be used in the office. You or a member of your staff might be allergic to a product that the cleaning service uses during their work. Or the product could also potentially damage your equipment.

InterKleen Is The Top Commerical Cleaning Business In All Of Palm Beach County

InterKleen’s Janitorial Services have offered and performed top-of-the-line commercial cleaning services to all of Palm Beach County for over 20 years. InterKleen is well experienced in many areas of cleaning that have helped maintain the hygiene and appearance of businesses ranging from hotels to executive suites. To learn more about InterKleen’s services and to receive a free estimate, call them at (561) 732-1818, or you can visit their contact page here.




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