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Night or Daytime Cleaning: Which is Better?

February 18, 2021   

When you finally hire the right cleaning company to come to service your property, it can be difficult to choose between day and nighttime cleaning. Nighttime cleaning seems like the better choice for your commercial property, considering that there will be fewer interruptions for your employees to deal with. On the other hand, having the cleaning crew available during the daytime may not be a bad idea either, since they’ll be there to clean up messes immediately during business hours.

If you’re torn between choosing day and nighttime cleaning, then continue reading below to learn about the benefits of each.

Day and Nighttime Cleaning For Businesses

The Benefits of Daytime Cleaning

There are quite a few benefits to having a professional cleaning service come during the day. They include:

  • Improved Energy Efficiency
    • Lighting and maintaining the temperature of your property costs money. It can cost even more money when you need to ensure such factors persist at night with a cleaning crew present. With a cleaning crew present only during the day, your building will only be occupied during regular operating hours, allowing you to save on power.
  • Improved Response Time
    • The professional cleaners can arrive onsight early in the morning before most employees begin working so they minimize interruptions. Their early arrival can also make certain that a clean environment is prepared for the arrival of both employees and clients.
  • Better Nighttime Security
    • When you have cleaners in your property at night that can increase the potential for a security breach because exits and entrances will be unlocked. With a cleaning crew arriving during the day, you can feel more confident that unwanted parties will enter your grounds since more occupants will be present in your property.

The Benefits of Nighttime Cleaning

Although there are benefits to daytime cleaning, there are also benefits to nighttime cleaning as well. They include:

  • Less Interruptions
    • Even though cleaning staffs are trained not to interrupt occupants as much as possible, they can still cause interruptions. If you find that their presence during the day will cause your staff to work inefficiently, nighttime cleaning may be a better choice for you.
  • Improved Health and Safety
    • Although they are there to help clean, cleaning services can kick up some dust and other similar deposits up into the air, causing occupants to breathe in such pollutants and damage their well-being. If any of your staff is allergic to dust or anything else of the sort, nighttime cleaning would help to establish a safer interior for property occupants.

When You’ve Decided Between Day & Nighttime Cleaning, Call Interkleen

When you’ve finally decided between day and nighttime cleaning, feel free to call the professionals over at Interkleen today. Interkleen has provided its quality handiwork to countless patrons in the Palm Beach County area and we’re more than qualified to maintain your property. We can promise that with our work, you’ll be absolutely glad with the way your property looks as you’re forever added to our growing list of satisfied customers. For any inquiries regarding Interkleen’s services, you may call us at (561) 732-1818 or visit our contact page.


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