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The Importance Of Floor Stripping

September 13, 2018   

How Important is Floor Stripping?

When a hard floor is waxed it becomes easier to walk on and looks better. Floor stripping is the process of removing and reapplying wax to the floor. Over time, the floor gets walked on, scuffed, and dirt compiles. Completely removing old wax, soil, and debris found on the floor can make it much safer for pedestrians. The glossy look of a newly stripped floor also proves to be much more appealing. For schools, churches, medical facilities, or any high traffic area, floor stripping is an important task.

  • How Floor Stripping Works
  • The Benefits of Floor Stripping

How Floor Stripping Works

First, the floor must be mopped and swept of any dirt and debris. The floor can then be applied to the stripping chemical which can be dangerous, so precautions should be taken and labels should be read carefully. After the floor is covered with the chemical for about 10 minutes, the stripping machine should be used to remove the chemical. The pace of this application and removal should be done in intervals short enough that the chemical does not dry. The floor stripping machine produces a slurry which should be cleaned up with a wet mop. This can be one of the more labor-intensive duties of a janitor because of how many times the floor must be mopped and buffed with the floor stripper. Having InterKleen do the job will make it much easier and will remove any risk of improper stripping which can be detrimental.

The Benefits of Floor Stripping

After the job is done, the floor will look as good as new. The smooth surface will feel much better to walk on. The floor will also be more resilient to shoe scuff marks when it is waxed. This makes everyday cleaning easier for much less work overall. The freshly waxed floors will be shiny and attractive to customers. Any department store will want to give off a clean atmosphere. The reflecting light from the floor will make not only the store look better but also the product.

The new floors will be safer to walk on because they are not damaged, rough to the touch, or uneven in many areas. For high volume traffic areas, this is important because the situation is less controlled. Minimizing any factors for injury will be beneficial for the passageway.

At InterKleen, we strive for perfection, which is why our commercial floor stripping company is so successful. Our customers relish the fact that their floors are spotless, bright, and enticing. We are proud of the work we do because we take the time to perform the proper functions like floor stripping and refining. Call now at (561) 732-1818.


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