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What is Floor Stripping?

July 2, 2020   

As a commercial property owner, you always want to ensure that your grounds are well-maintained. But more often than not, you find that you always tend to look over some important details. Especially ones that are right beneath you every single day. Next time you walk into your property, look closely at its floors. You might notice that it doesn’t look as good as it should. And this isn’t necessarily because you haven’t given it enough care. It could just be because your floor needs some stripping done, and you’ll be happy to know Interkleen offers that service to all their customers.

But if you’re curious to know what floor stripping is and why you should get it done, then continue reading below. You’ll be surprised to know that your floor will need occasional stripping from time to time.

What is Floor Stripping?

Floor stripping is almost exactly as it sounds. When a cleaning service visits your property and applies a finish to your floor, they end up usually waxing and polishing it. This wax and polish creates a layer that helps make your floor shine. But it will eventually wear down from near-daily traffic and accumulate dirt. When this occurs, most cleaning companies will recommend that they strip your floors. By stripping your floors, they’re able to remove this worn-down layer of dirty and can apply a new layer.

Why Would You Need Floor Stripping?

As a property owner, you always want to ensure that every facet of your property’s appearance is presentable and welcoming. If not, you can deter customers from wanting to enter your place of business. And this is one reason that you want floor stripping: in order to maintain the appearance of your floors and keep them clean. But there’s also a deeper reason why you need this service.

Besides appearance, floor stripping will also be needed to maintain the strength and durability of your floors. The layer of dirt that sits on top of your floors can impact your floors alongside with the force of near-daily traffic. And if floor stripping isn’t applied soon enough, then your floors will eventually falter.

Why You Should Hire Interkleen For Floor Stripping

Floor stripping is a delicate procedure that an inexperienced individual should never perform. If you were to actually try to strip your floors by yourself, you risk the chance of stripping more than just the layer of finish. You could possibly damage your floors and you’ll have to pay more in the end to get them repaired.

Professionals, such as Interkleen in South Florida, have been stripping floors for years. They’re trained to keep an eye out for even the smallest and most minor of details so that no damage is done to your floors. And apart from dealing no damage, they’ll also make sure that there is no piece of dirt left on your floors. Your floors will be completely clean and ready for a new finish when you hire us.

When to Schedule Floor Stripping

It’s absolutely crucial that you schedule a floor stripping when the building isn’t in use. Usually, weekends are the best time for this.

If anyone is in the building except for the professionals performing the stripping, they can inhale the stripping agents. When they do, they can possibly experience negative health effects such as burning of the nose, throat, and even the respiratory system. Moreover, applying strippers can also possibly create a slip-and-fall hazard within the building.

Hire Interkleen For Professional Floor Stripping

If your floors are accumulating dirt and a simple sweep and mop isn’t resolving the issue, call the professionals at Interkleen. You might possibly need floor stripping and believe us when we say that we’re the best company to do it. Many other “professional” services will claim that they’re good at floor stripping but they can cause damage to your property. With Interkleen, we always keep a keen eye out for detail and we’ll make sure your floors look the absolute best they can. For any inquiries, you may call us at (561) 732-1818 or visit our contact page.


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