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What You Need To Know About Floor Stripping

May 8, 2018   

If your cleaning service is no longer able to get your floor shining, it is not necessarily their fault, the floors may just need to be serviced by a floor stripping company. Stripping is the process of removing any old wax from a floor and preparing it to be finished with a new layer of wax or polish. The stripping process is critical to make sure that the new wax goes on smooth and sticks as it needs to. After your floors are stripped and re-waxed, they will look like new again. If you think that your floors might need to be stripped, keep reading this article to learn everything you need to know about floor stripping services.

The Process of Floor Stripping

When you hire a professional floor striping company to service your floors, there is a certain process you should expect them to follow. Here is an overview of the steps for stripping a floor:

  1. Choose a stripping chemical that will be most effective for the type of flooring in your building.
  2. Clear any furniture or other items that could get in the way throughout the process.
  3. Sweep and clean the floor of any debris.
  4. Prepare the stripping solution by diluting it according to the instructions.
  5. Test the stripping solution on a small corner to test the right concentration so it does not bleed or discolor the floor.
  6. Apply the stripper with a mop and let it sit about 5-10 minutes.
  7. Scrub off the wax. A floor stipping service should have an electric scrubber to speed up the process.
  8. Discard the old wax.
  9. Rinse the striped floor with a neutralizer.

The process seems easy enough but has many nuances that can make it frustrating and difficult for an experienced worker. For instance, the stripper should be applied in sections and not allow to dry fully. Also, every last bit of the old wax has to be removed or the new wax will peel shortly after being applied. When done correctly, cleaning, stripping, and waxing your floors can extend their life several years. It is recommended to hire a professional to complete this process.

Signs You Need A Floor Stripping Service

There is no set amount of time that passes by to determine how often floors should be stripped and re-polished. However, there are signs that you can look out for to know when is it time to call a professional. Some of the signs you should look for include fading from UV lights or white powdery residue, which is caused by oxidation. Alcohol burns may also develop over time from hand sanitizer dripping onto the floor or other chemical spills. If your floors are covered in scuffs and scratches, that is another sign that it is time to have them stripped. Floors in high traffic areas will start showing many of these signs quicker than areas that do not get much traffic. Regardless how long your floors maintain their shine, the need for floor stripping is inevitable.

How to Find a Floor Stripping Company

As mentioned above, floor stripping is not an easy job that should be tasked to an armature. When it comes to choosing a floor stripping service, look to a professional company with years of experience and all the best equipment. Getting referrals from someone you know is always ideal for selecting a company, but checking with references works as well. Ask what certifications and credentials the company has and make sure they have full insurance coverage. If a company has good references, insurance, and offers you a fair price, they are likely a safe option.

If your floors are faded, scratched, and in need of some attention, a qualified floor maintenance company can come in, strip the floors and refinish them. With a little bit of attention, your floors can shine once again. At InterKleen, we are a trusted full-service floor stripping, cleaning, and maintenance company that services Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Wellington, Lake Worth, Jupiter, and all of Palm Beach County. When you hire our team for a floor stripping service, you can be confident that you are getting the best service around. Get a free quote on stripping your floors today by calling us at (561)732-1818.


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